Medical Marijuana Dispensary from Massachusetts Sells Pot Pizza


A medical marijuana dispensary from Massachusetts started selling pot pizza

A medical cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts found a new way to offer the drug to those patients who need it. They wanted to find an alternative to marijuana-infused sweets, and this is how they came up with pot pizza. Patients can now take the necessary intake of medical marijuana from a tasty snack.

Pot pizza, a salty alternative to cannabis-infused sweets

Ermont Inc. is the dispensary which devised the recipe for the pot pizza. The amazing product has already been available for sale for three weeks, and faced incredible popularity. Patients love the snack, and enjoy the fact that they have also have a less sweet alternative available to take the drug.

Seth Yaffe, the director of operations at Ermont, was aware that patients also needed some other ways to consume medical marijuana. Therefore, despite having quite an extensive offer of edible products containing cannabis, he came up with the brilliant idea of pot pizza.

A slice of pot pizza is available for $38, and contains cannabis-infused tomato sauce. The sauce has 125 milligrams of THC, which provide a more natural way for patients to relieve pain or treat the symptoms of other severe illnesses. During these first three weeks, the dispensary has sold 200 pot pizzas, and won the hearts of the patients.

Ermont comes with a varied offer of medical marijuana edibles

Ermont was founded in October 2016, and came on the market with an extensive offer of edibles containing marijuana. They wanted to help patients in need of the drug find a pleasant way to incorporate it in their diet. Therefore, they have their own kitchen, lab, and a place where they grow cannabis.

Apart from pot pizza, other popular products are honey, olive oil, peanut butter, or condiments, all cannabis-infused. However, not everybody can purchase them. These products are sold only to people who present valid proof they are liable for medical marijuana use, and also come with safety labels regarding dosage, or special containers to keep them out of children’s reach.
Image Source: Pexels