The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Quite Exciting

Mass Effect: Andromeda

The new BioWare game from the Mass Effect franchise has all the potential to be a hit

BioWare will soon release the latest Mass Effect game – Andromeda – and they have already allowed a few video game media companies take a peek at it. This game might turn out to be quite a hit.

The reviewers were offered three hours to explore the demo and shape their impressions which they had to outline on paper. So far, ignoring a few general issues, Mass Effect: Andromeda appears to be quite an amazing game.

It is well-known already that the new game in the space franchise will be a bit different from the original trilogy. One first thing would be that Andromeda is going to be some sort of an open world game. Also, it will have a revised combat style. We do not know what to say about the first change, but many reviewers have saluted the second change with excitement.

One of the main features of Mass Effect: Andromeda is the jetpack. It allows the characters to have much more freedom in movements when they are fighting. The special moves that it provides during combat include jumping, hovering, and then launching attacks and either shooting the targets or hitting them with biotic weapons. Also, those who prefer a classic firefight are offered a special dash forward for close combat.

Fans of the old Mass Effect games might find Andromeda both familiar and strange. The familiar part is provided mainly by the narrative, but we will not disclose too much so as not to spoil your experience. With only a few changes to the dialogue, the story remains faithful to the typical BioWare atmosphere that is enjoyed so much by fans.

IGN are one of those reviewers that provide a more thorough analysis of the game, and list everything, from characters to combat mechanics. As mentioned before, the game has been praised by the majority of reviewers and it promised an amazing experience, but there must have been some contradictory opinions, too.

From the reviews that are a little bit more negative, we can mention those who criticized the new combat system and the cover shooting option. Others criticized the characters and said they could look cartoony at certain points.

Overall, the reviews are positive and praise the game. The player can create an entirely new character and make it as unique as it wants, it can experience exciting fights, and choose what Ryder he wants to be.
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