Married People Might Be Healthier


Studies found that married people have lower stress hormone levels and are healthier than single people

A study published in Psychoneuroendocrinology suggests that you should get married if you want to have less stress in your life. It found out that marriage may cause lower levels of stress hormones.

The study, performed at the Carnegie Mellon University, analyzed married people and they appeared to produce less cortisol (that is the stress hormone) than those who were not married. The people in the study who were not married included people who were never married, as well as some who were separated, either divorced or widowed.

Cortisol has many functions in our bodies. However, it is released when we are under stress. Other studies showed that high levels of cortisol are directly linked to mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression. Also, it might lead to complications and other medical conditions.

The research looked closely at how psychological stress may impact the health and physiology of married versus unmarried people and how different are the patterns. The results showed that married people were healthier. However, the researchers are not sure yet how this happened.

The study found that single people are indeed less healthy than married people. Moreover, the study brings evidence that they also experience more psychological stress. The study, which gathered almost 600 people, made another interesting discoveries, too.

It appears that married people have a higher decrease in cortisol levels during the afternoon compared to those who have never married. This decrease occurs fast and can reduce the risk of heart disease and can increase the chances of a person to survive cancer.

Also, there are differences between those people who used to be married and the currently married or the single ones. Those who were previously married have higher stress levels which produce even higher cortisol levels.

Many other studies looked at the benefits and drawbacks of marriage and how it impacts health and social life. One study looked at how marriage can motivate people to start volunteering, while another discovered that bad relationships can raise the risk of heart disease, cause the people to recover slower from illnesses, and are generally bad for the health.

These studies are helpful, since we can see that relationships have an impact not only on our psychological and emotional well-being, but also on our health. This should help many people decide what is worth to preserve in their emotional life or to offer more value to their relationships.
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