Marines Face Backlash After Death Of Muslim Colleague

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Twenty marines face backlash after the death of a Muslim colleague.

Twenty marines face backlash after the death of a Muslim colleague. Investigations revealed that the recruit aged 20, from Michigan, was called a ‘terrorist’ and abused by his sergeant. Rahil Siddiqui of Taylor was recruited to serve as a Marine Corps.

Officials from the marine have declared on Thursday that Siddiqui’s death was originally reported as a suicide. Then, it became clear that his drill sergeant had forced Siddiqui to run the length of a squad bay and slapped him, determining the recruit to jump over a wall and fall to his death from a height of three stories. The unfortunate event happened on the 18th of March.

Siddiqui had threatened to commit suicide just days before his death. Nonetheless, he returned for training. However, fellow marines did not report his claims of being physically abused. Siddiqui was on his eleventh day of training at Parris Island when the unfortunate event happened.

His family’s lawyer, Shiraz Khan had stated on Thursday that there are a lot of “questions that remain unanswered.”

Following the recent developments in the investigation, which cleared some of the elements surrounding the death of Siddiqui, his family and lawyer are determining what their next step will be.

Muslim-American and civilian rights groups have shown empathy to Siddiqui’s cause. They want those who pushed him to commit suicide to pay. Fifteen marines risk being disciplined and a high ranking official lost his job in June. The current investigation involves twenty in personnel, drill instructors, and other employees.

Officials in the Marine have confirmed that the drill sergeant had previously done similar mistakes. His name has not been made public. But he verbally and physically abused a different recruit of Muslim faith from a previous platoon.

The Marine Corps have declared that those who were investigated had been suspended. A zero-tolerance policy towards intimidation came into force at the training facility.

Suicide prevention programs and procedures are also going to be changed in light of recent investigations. Initial statements show that nobody was charged with Siddiqui’s death so far.

The Marine Corps mourn Siddiqui’s death and will ensure tragedies like this will never happen again.

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