Marilyn Manson Kicks Bassist Twiggy Ramirez Out of the Band After Rape Accusations

Marilyn Manson during a live show

Marilyn Manson found the rape accusations too serious, so Ramirez is now out of the band

Marilyn Manson decided to part ways with his bassist Twiggy Ramirez after his ex-girlfriend admitted he had raped her while they were in a relationship. Jessicka Addams was the Jack Off Jill frontwoman when she and Ramirez were a couple, which caused the man to get extremely jealous. This led him to exhibit a highly abusive behavior, which the woman kept hidden for so many years.

Addams was in a relationship with Ramirez when she was 18

Addams and Ramirez, whose real name is Jeordie White, were together in the 1990s, when the woman was only 18 years old. This is when the abuse had started, but she was too young to notice something was extremely wrong with such a behavior.

Addams admitted her father abused her, so she somehow used to such behaviors. Since she was so young, she thought a woman should be submissive and obedient to the man, so she had difficulties in noticing an unhealthy relationship.

The woman was already a part of Jack Off Jill, which were becoming quite popular. This led to Ramirez becoming extremely jealous, and resorting to unpleasant and abusive behaviors. Back then, he was playing with Nine Inch Nails but, during a tour break, he went to the apartment where Addams was staying.

Marilyn Manson decided to part ways with Ramirez after such serious accusations

She knew Ramirez hadn’t been faithful while on tour, which led to them starting an argument. Then, the man forced her on the floor and, although she didn’t consent to it, he took sexual advantage or her. She didn’t reveal anything back then because the record company threatened her they would sabotage the band if she went public with the accusations.

Marilyn Manson, the artist Ramirez is currently playing with, was shocked to hear such allegations. Therefore, he decided to kick the man out of the band, and quickly find someone else to replace him during the ongoing tour.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons