Marijuana Compared To Heroin

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Marijuana was compared to Heroin and other heavy drugs, with a high-risk for abuse and no medical benefits.

In 1970, when President Nixon signed the Controlled Substances Act, cannabis was considered a high-risk drug, like LSD, heroin, and mescaline. Marijuana was compared to Heroin and other heavy drugs, with a high-risk for abuse and no medical benefits.

But is it all true? Forty-six years later, the law may be amended. The Obama administration could make its biggest legal decision on marijuana.

Suspense is growing after the FDA did not take advantage of the June 30th deadline to announce whether the drug has therapeutic value or not. The deadline was self-imposed by the FDA: To date, twenty-six states have legalized cannabis as a medical alternative to traditional treatments, in cases of terminal illnesses or epilepsy seizures.

The decision is expected to be very consequential and substantially move things in the direction of legalizing pot or completely banning it. The two sides call cannabis a “medical solution to many types of diseases” or “a joke,” depending on who you ask.

Californians are soon going to vote on the legalization of cannabis use for adults. However the federal government is struggling with the decision whether pot should continue to be considered a high –risk drug, like heroin.

Within the next month, the Drug Enforcement Administration is to release a long-awaited decision that could change the role of cannabis in American society. This list of high-risk substances affects taxing policies and medical research.

Ever since the 70s, it remained largely unchanged. Now, the two sides are arguing over whether or not marijuana has a medical use.

While some suggest that there is no hard evidence to support that cannabis is harmless and beneficial to some medical treatments, others believe that marijuana should be regarded as an alternative for terminal illnesses. They say that, according to some small scale studies, the drug has value in treating seizures, chronic pain, and some other conditions, and is not as addictive as alcohol.

Roughly 80% of Americans believe medical cannabis should be legalized, according to recent surveys. Another 60% believe the drug should be made available legally to all adults.

What’s your opinion on this dividing issue? Do you think cannabis should be legal, at least for medical uses, or that it should be completely banned? Leave a comment below!

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