Man’s Best Friend Swells in Size, And It Is Not Good

Man's best friend swells in size

Man’s best friend swells in size, and this is not good for its health

Man’s best friend is swelling in size, a recent statistic shows. Because pets are treated as family members, their owners care to them by offering them table scraps, treats and extra scoops of kibble. And the fact that man’s best friend is getting fatter seems of no concern for their respective owners.

Pets are Getting Fatter

One main problem for the situation is that people don’t quite know what do feed their pets. Dr. Breuninger, a veterinarian, stated that it is best that each owner checks with a veterinarian regarding the right type of food for their respective breed. The more food they ingurgitate, the more they gain in weight. And this is not good, because this, according to a 2015 survey, leads to, sometimes, serious health issues. Obesity, as for man too, is a serious disease-related problem.

As long as man’s best friend swells in size, this must be addressed. However, there are several ways in which pets’ weight can be kept under control. If a veterinarian can offer the best advice regarding the type of food, the type of exercise is wholly up to the pet’s owner.

For dogs, it is relatively easy: walks out in the park, running sessions. For cats, laser pointers, feather toys and other such types of toys will do the trick. In the event that a dog or a cat is too lazy to be convinced to do some exercise, there are pet clinics that offer fitness services for pets.

Dr. Breuninger said that

“Even playing with them 10 minutes a day … can really have long-term impacts”.

And, as further evidence, if man’s best friend swells in size, this can lead to arthritis, diabetes, as well as intestinal infections, such as parasites. All these can be kept under control with a healthy diet and a good exercise.

Image Source: Pixabay