Lyft Gets Calendar Sync Feature To Know The Destination

calendar sync feature

Lyft announced that it is going to integrate the calendar sync feature.

Using the cab is not what it used to be. Now you have apps that call you the cab and you can pay online without additional charges. Another great innovation for these cab apps ist hat they are beginning to integrate calendar sync feature.

One of those apps is Lyft. It is not the first one to do so considering that Uber has already added this feature. Lyft announced that it is going to integrate the calendar sync feature. This means that you won’t have to switch between apps in order to let the driver know where to go.

Lyft is going to automatically get the address from your calendar. Let’s say you have to go to a certain pub and you have it written on your calendar. The app is going to get that information and the driver will know where it is supposed to go.

The company also intends to add favorite destinations. These are going to be set by you on your calendar also. The company mentioned that they don’t mean the usual home and work favorites. They want their customers to add addresses from pubs, restaurants or friends house as favorites. After that, they just have to tell which one of those favorite places they want to visit and the Lyft will do the rest.

It seems like technology is doing a great job these days helping people and making their life easier. Despite the fact that Lyft is adding this calendar sync feature, you still have to give your permission before the app gets your information. This is made in order for you to decide whether or not you want the app to know all about your favorite places.

These features were integrated by Lyft in order to make it easier for both the driver and the customers to reach the destination. This is not the first company to do so. Uber has already integrated both of those features. The other cab apps are going to do the same in a short period of time probably.

You should give these features are try no matter if you use Uber or Lyft. It might actually be easier and faster to let the apps know where to take you.

Image source: Flickr