Lumia 950 Brings Microsoft Back on the Premium Market

lumia 950After a long time of misdirected efforts at building a better cellular experience, Lumia 950 brings Microsoft back on the premium market and the company is prepared for a new beginning. While its Windows 8.1 OS mostly appeared like an alternative to the desktop version, the latest Windows 10 Mobile intends to represent something even larger on the digital scale.

This time, the company tried to develop a cellular system, along with the smart phone for it, which can truly imitate some of the big-screen functions. Rather than only composing e-mails and other writings on the recent Lumia 950, its new platform can help to link a monitor, mouse and keyboard, and allow Universal applications, such as Outlook and Word to perform tasks that are more specialized.

The giant software producer does not believe that its Lumia 950 represents just a new device, but it is rather an indicator of something innovative, the standard setter for a type of mobile work that will not be limited to only one device.

Their perspective is a committed one and they could be on the right path with it, but for the current technology state, it is obvious that Microsoft has its hands full. Lumia 950 is Microsoft’s first smart phone to operate on the new Windows 10 for mobile devices, a renewed application system that is designed to help Windows gadgets to improve their performances.

Both the phone and OS guarantee to make the user feel like he is working in a significantly improved ecosystem. Eventually, the customers are left with the gadget does not seem too pricey, operating with applications that still require some enhancements and more powerful app assistance. The device with a price tag of around $500 is not extremely attractive and its appearance is quite monotone, having the company’s logo, a 5MP front side digicam equipped with a feature intended to recognize the eyes.

All these elements surround the easy to sue 5.2” AMOLED screen, but the 950’s rear includes better specs, also thanks to the company’s logo placed only a bit above middle. Aside that can be found the multi-tone flash, just one speaker and the 20MP sensor located between these two features.​ Luckily, what is under the case is a tad more enticing for the average user and, compared to Android gadgets, the 950’s powerful Snapdragon 808 processor and 3GB of RAM put it strongly in the top to middle category.

There is another more expensive 950 XL model that arrives with a larger display and even better chip, however additional elements make the operating system work more efficiently than just genuine energy. Keep in mind that these phones have always performed significantly better even with poor components, so the expectations of the people who buy it are quite high.

Under its detachable plastic back rests a detachable 3,100mAh battery, which performs rather well with the wireless charging option. The solid battery is placed next to a nano SIM holder and a less visible microSD slot right under it. While we are referring to elements that Android OEMs do not all include into their smart phone, Lumia 950 uses the Type-C slot for powering it and data bandwidth.

Despite noticing various people who claim that Nokia’s glory days are long gone, it seems that its heritage continues to live through Microsoft’s new phones and the features that made Nokia devices famous during past years are still included and constantly improved.

Image source: Aolcdn