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South African Villagers Frightened by Deformed Human-Like Creature

South African Villagers Frightened by Deformed Human-Like Creature

The inhabitants of a South African village were shocked to discover a deformed ‘half lamb, half human’ creature. Authorities rushed to calm them down, and assured the frightened villagers that the animal was not the product of bestiality. Villagers were terrified to find the deformed stillborn The village of Lady Frere, Eastern Province, South Africa,

Boy with gun

More Children in the US Are Victims of Gun Injuries

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics issues an important concern regarding children and firearms. It discovered that the number of gun injuries among children and teenagers have increased in the past few years, and became the third most widespread cause of death in the US. More children die of gun injuries The report


Belgian Baby Killed by Alternative Diet

Two Belgian parents were convicted after their baby died of dehydration and malnutrition. The parents were adepts of alternative diets, and ignored the standard diets recommended for infants. They received a suspended sentence of six months, which they can still appeal. Baby Lucas, who weighed only 7lb, died after his organs stopped working. Doctors discovered


Medical Marijuana Dispensary from Massachusetts Sells Pot Pizza

A medical cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts found a new way to offer the drug to those patients who need it. They wanted to find an alternative to marijuana-infused sweets, and this is how they came up with pot pizza. Patients can now take the necessary intake of medical marijuana from a tasty snack. Pot pizza,

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Booze Still Harming Your Brain Even in Moderate Amount

New research found that booze can still harm your brain as you age even if the alcohol consumption is moderate. Researchers found that moderate drinkers have a higher risk of developing unwanted brain changes which could lead to memory loss than non-drinkers or light drinkers. Moderate drinkers also had lower scores on language tests than