Living Together Is As Good As Getting Married From An Emotional Health Perspective

"happy married couple"

Even if this study encompassed almost 9000 people from different parts of society, it doesn’t mean that marriage won’t make anyone happy, it just says that one should think twice before plunging in.

The news that living together is as good as getting married from an emotional health perspective has come from the Ohio State University. The study conducted there hoped to bring light on the matter if marriage still provides a boost in emotional health after the couple has already moved in together.

The study group was formed from over 8.500 people born in the 80s. They were subjected to various questionnaires regarding their emotional health and satisfaction until the year of 2010. Besides the various differences that both male and female patients presented when confronted with cohabitation or marriage, a trend was shown in both genders.

In the late 1900s, marriage brought a boon in emotional health, especially if the couple was already cohabiting up to that point. But due to the evolution of the social environment, marriage is no longer seen as something of great importance by some people, sometimes opting to just be partners instead of getting married right away.

In men, the biggest boost in happiness and a decrease in emotional stress came from living together. This is most likely due to the fact that men use the concept of living together with their partner as a way to test the strength of their relationship. After some time has passed since moving in together, men will not present a discernible difference in emotional health after getting married, with the levels remaining more or less the same throughout the period.

Women on the other hand still present a slight bump when subjected to marriage after living together for a period of time. But this pales greatly in comparison to adding another member to the family, a child. This provides the greatest boost in both women as well as men, even though it might come alongside sleepless nights and headaches.

When comparing the numbers provided by the study, researchers have seen that the first relationship which the people from the study group had come with more emotional distress than the second one they had. Taking into account that over 66% of the study group participants lived together before getting married, the second relationship will provide less distress from an emotional standpoint due to the fact that the subjects have already gone through a bad relationship. Now they know in a better way what they want from a relationship and can choose their halves in a more reliable fashion.

The now proven fact that living together is as good as getting married from an emotional health perspective might make some individuals keep away from the hussle and bussle that marriage entails, at least in their earlier years, living marriage for the ones who they deem the best partner they could have.