Scene Explaining Littlefinger Twist Was Cut from GOT

Littlefinger on his knees

After so many days since the finale of Game of Thrones’ Season 7, fans cannot stop talking about the shocking moments that took place. Even if the Wall came crumbling down and Daenerys and Jon had incestuous sex on that boat, there was another moment in the finale that surprised everyone, including Littlefinger. Sansa convicted him of murder and treason and Arya carried out the deal and slit his throat in the Great Hall of Winterfell. However, didn’t it feel like something was missing? That’s because something was indeed missing and it was a scene explaining how that happened.

Littlefinger’s end

It seemed weird that the last time we saw the Stark sisters, Arya was threatening Sansa with a knife only to offer it to her. After that, the only scene we got was with Littlefinger and Sansa when he was trying to make her turn against her sister by insinuating that Arya will indeed kill her and steal her face to become Lady of Winterfell. And that was it. In the finale, we were tricked to believe that Sansa was indeed going to convict Arya, but she sentenced Littlefinger instead.

Well, during a recent interview, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, the actor who portrays Bran Stark explained that there was another scene that was cut from the show. According to him, Sansa was asking Bran for help in the hope that he would tell her exactly what is going on. So, the two sisters made this plan after talking with Bran and realizing what atrocities Littlefinger has committed in the past. It’s also a bit disappointing to think that before this, Sansa was really going to execute her own sister.

While it would have been nice to also see this scene, we agree that Littlefinger’s execution would have been so impactful in the finale. So, this is probably why the producers took the decision to cut it.

Image source: buddytv