Male Chiropractor Invents “Lipstick” that Seals Vaginas During Period


A chiropractor from Kansas invented a special glue in a lipstick applicator that can seal vaginas during period and keep the menstrual flow inside

A chiropractor from Kansas has designed a peculiar period product that has spiced quite a lot of debates among women. The product, called Mensez, is described as a “Feminine Lipstick” and it is meant to glue your vagina shut and keep the menstrual flow inside.

This sounds like quite a crazy idea. Daniel Dopps, the creator of Mensez, described his product as a revolutionary solution that does not require women to use pads, tampons, vaginal cups, or the big panties that apparently everybody hates.

Mensez contains amino acids and natural oils that are put in a lipstick applicators. These substances act as a glue that women should be applying on their labia minora to create a temporary seal that would keep the menstrual fluids inside. These are kept in until urination, when the urine releases the seal.

Also, the product is described as safe. When describing the product, the Mensez website compares it with makeup or oil that soiled a mirror and it cannot be cleaned with water, but it requires a special cleaning product that contains ammonium. Urine contains plenty of ammonium, so this is how it can release the seal.

Dopps is really optimistic about the future of his product. He hopes that he might be able to sell it to bigger companies, such as Procter & Gamble or Kimberly Clark. He agrees that Mensez needs testing and improvement, but he will stand by the original concept.

Unsurprisingly, the product did not meet the excitement that the creator would expect. Many women wondered if Dopps knows the anatomy of a vagina and if he knows that it does not function as a urethra. Also, leaving jokes apart, they are really concerned about the risk of infection, since blood is a good environment for bacteria.

If a woman does not urinate often enough and too much blood gathers inside, there might be some problems. Also, the glue might not be enough to hold heavier flows and the unpleasant accidents that women are trying to avoid might start occurring much more frequently.

Dopps responded to criticism, but not in a way that would make women happy. He claimed that his method was more efficient in keeping women from being distracted by their periods. He regarded women as more creative, but periods were those that keep women away from being productive, stifled their creativity, and “played with their heads”.

Dopps might find his new creation revolutionary and safe, but his target customers appear to have a different opinion.
Image Source: Pixabay