LinkedIn Revamps Itself with New Android and iOS Apps

"LinkedIn cubes deco"

LinkedIn is using multiple apps instead of one single mobile platform to increase speed.

Trying to keep up with other social networks and provide faster work-related experience to its users, LinkedIn revamps itself with new Android and iOS apps. The company made the announcement in a recent post on their official website, this morning.

LinkedIn is a reputed social network, whose main goal is to keep people connected through their work interests. So far, the company has been doing very well on the internet, but recent marked feedbacks suggest customers may be looking for an improved experience.

For this reason, LinkedIn revamps itself with new Android and iOS apps that will guarantee users a 300 percent faster experience. The new features that have been added on the mobile platform aren’t very difficult to use; on the contrary, they have been designed to facilitate users’ experience with them.

According to LinkedIn’s reps, the home page of the mobile app features five buttons, namely, Home, Me, Messages, as well as My Network and Search. As one might already expect from previous uses, the Home button leads the user to the news page where all the new information is presented. The content of this page can be customized to let users have access only to those domains and areas they are interested in.

The “Me” section contains all the profile views that the user has registered, based on his professional connections and skills. This is also the area where users can edit their profile and add or remove new information.

The most redesigned page is the “Message” tab, according to the online company. This because this section is no longer related just to email exchanges, but also to regular messages. Thus, LinkedIn has gradually acquired more messenger and Facebook-like features.

Subscribers can use the “Search” button to look for new connections or data on the network. The professional network automatically makes suggestions in the “My Network” tab, where all connections, invites and updates are normally displayed.

Business users will most likely appreciate the redesigned version of the professional app. The network is now much easier and faster because the data is no longer focused on a single app, but rather diffused on multiple online platforms.

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