Lincoln Present their New Navigator

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln had a more luxurious take on the new Navigator

The 2017 International Auto Show from New York will present a lot of new vehicles which people have been waiting for. One of the companies which comes with novelties is Lincoln, presenting their new and sophisticated Navigator.

A stronger luxurious car for an amazing driving experience

This is the first time in ten years when Lincoln has decided to redesign their Navigator, thus becoming an important member on the market dominated by General Motors’ SUVs. Also, this is an attempt to bring Navigator among their best selling cars, and become a worthy competitor.

The new Navigator will launch in 2018. It is a car especially designed for luxurious drivers. Of course, we should not forget the 450 horsepower provided by the 3.5 liter V6 engine, but the most impressive features of the car are related to design.

Navigator wants to pamper its drivers with massaging seats and by wireless streaming videos on an integrated TV screen. Also, the car is more lightweight by almost 200 pounds, since the body is now made of aluminum.

Besides the massage, the front seats come with cooling and heating functions. The third-row seats can be reclined and let you enjoy the view through the biggest panoramic roof ever encountered on an SUV. If you feel more adventurous, then you will surely enjoy the powerful sound system or the rear-seat entertainment.

When designing the car, Lincoln thought not only of those who want comfort, but also of the tech fanatics. The cabin comes equipped with several USB ports, an Apple CarPlay sync system, and Android Auto. Also, you may opt for a wireless charger for your phone. The display is friendly and brighter, so you should be able to see it even if you are wearing sunglasses.

This fall, Navigator hits the markets

The first sales are scheduled for this fall, and Lincoln expects that this new Navigator version will be appealing for families with an yearly income around $200,000. They hope that the car will be able to perk their sales up. They have already had a great start of 2017, with their sales in the U.S. going up by 8.7 percent.

Lincoln is optimistic about this launch. They hope that Navigator will be able to convince luxurious drivers that it is worth giving a shot, by offering them at-home drive tests or personal drivers which would show them the beauty of the vehicle.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons