Life Expectancy in the US Differs from State to State

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While the overall life expectancy in the US is increasing, the rate is decreasing in certain states

A new study, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, suggests the state you live in might influence your life expectancy. While the overall life expectancy in the United States is rising, it can be different for every state. The study found there are some places where life expectancy is much lower than the average.

The factors influencing life expectancy differ from state to state

One reason for this discrepancy might be that people from some states are more stressed than others. Also, previous research reveals that the states with high pollution exposure have a risk of cancer. This study analyzed all these factors and illustrated the differences in life expectancy among states. The winning state is Colorado, with the  highest expectancy rate in the United States.

However, in some other states, life expectancy can be 20 years lower than that in Colorado. Researchers found it interesting that people who live in the same country have a life expectancy gap so big. Some of the factors that influence this gap include lack of access to health care, an unhealthy lifestyle, or poverty.

Diseases of despair, an epidemic which took the United States by storm

Another problem affecting all of the United States is the trend called diseases of despair. People struggle with money issues, are too tired and stressed, and this leads to unhealthy habits, depression, or suicide. Also, they usually live in states with a precarious health care system.

While the overall life expectancy in the United States is increasing, the same rate is decreasing in some states. Researchers found that the counties with the biggest increase were Loundoun County in Virginia and District of Columbia.

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