LG Brings Us the Paper-Like Foldable Screen

flexible screenLG brings us the paper-like foldable screen that could radically change the tech industry as we know it today. The famous producer, along with other top South Korean manufacturers, such as Sony and Samsung, have revealed flexible displays before, but the current idea is more innovative, and seriously, amazing.

Samsung is exposing at CES these days an 18” rollable screen that can folded just like a paper. What is exciting about this concept is the actual dimension the display, if it can be called like that, since the majority of producers have presented flexible screens at various tech events in recent years.

These innovative products have followed the curved, but still solid, HDTVs that have appeared in shops for some time now. Compared to creating smart phones that can be folded in the users’ wallets, flexible screens like these are much harder to develop.

They eliminate the clear barrier that can be found on big tablets and on convertible laptops, which makes them look in certain ways. The producers’ creativity is practically limitless, since some of these flexible products could be used as a second display for future smart phones.

Or, it could ultimately lead to fully functional tablets with on-screen keyboards that can be unfolded on a desk and the user begin working on. During CES 2016, LG is presenting a variety of new items, including its dual-display 55” screen, an 86” LCD and the impressive 139” Vertical Tiling screen based on OLED technology, all of these being suited for commercial use.

In addition, it unveiled a 25” curved LCD display with a waterfall texture developed for vehicle interiors and the 10” car screen that can be controlled with a gloved hand, too. In the future, LG will probably bring a new series of HDTVs that use these innovative technologies.

LG is familiarized with solid display items, even though Vizio and Samsung appear to have conquered the most clients for HDTV purchasing these days. A few months ago, LG revealed a paper-thin 55” OLED idea that has a weight of only 4 lbs and can be attached to a vertical surface via its rear magnetic mat.

Then, the display can be detached and moved from one space to another, supposing that the user has several magnetic pads set up on the surfaces. Back in Sept, DisplayMate’s experts compared the 65” LG 65EG9600 display to Samsung’s UN65JS9500, and examined them for color range, viewing angles, backlight bleed and many more tests that can determine the quality of a premium display.

The LG device did considerably better on this wide range of assessments against Samsung’s product. In Oct, following other display news, LG revealed the V10, the Android smart phones with a pair of selfie cameras and with two displays on a single screen.

In the next months, the product has done very well according to opinions around the Internet. During this week, fans and experts will find out more details about the flexible 18” OLED screen, and how it is made.

Image source: Concept-phones