Low Temperatures Lead To Common Cold

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A Yale study found a link between low temperatures and the common cold.

A Yale study found a link between low temperatures and the common cold. It turns out that covering your face in cold weather could be beneficial to your body, to avoid catching a cold. Research has shown that temperatures can influence the body’s response to the virus. Akko Iwasaky, Professor of Immunobiology at Yale, has led the new study which re-confirmed popular wisdom on cold weather.

When we inhale cool air, we cool the airway inside of the nose, and it’s not something easy for our bodies to keep an optimum temperature. That’s when the virus finds your body as an ideal host to replicate.

In low temperatures, the production of molecules in the nose which block viruses from spreading becomes limited. The infected cells don’t die off anymore, allowing for the virus to replicate more.

That way, the virus replicates without becoming damaged at all. Normally, there is an enzyme which breaks down the virus, but that enzyme is sometimes overcome by the cold.

To limit exposure to the common cold, we need to wash our hands and cover our faces when we go out in the winter time. A scarf around your nose always helps to keep the cold away. Another good way to avoid a cold is to spend less time in crowded environments.

The team of researchers found that when infected cells were exposed to higher temperatures, the virus died faster and could not replicate quick enough to survive. The activity of the RNAseL enzyme, which destroys viruses was boosted at high temperatures.

The rhinovirus is responsible for the common cold. Another good way of keeping it away is washing our hands regularly. This also helps against other types of infections, such as Hepatitis A. Other ways of catching a cold are dirty filters from air conditioners. These may host bacteria or viruses, and in some cases, they can cause pneumonia.

To avoid getting sick from your air conditioning, check the filters periodically and clean them with water and detergent.

So mom was right, after all. Admit that and make sure you wear a scarf around your nose and mouth in cold temperatures. What’s your opinion on these types of studies? Let us know, below.

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