Gearbox Will Release Its Last Update Ever for the Shooter Battleborn

Battleborn official wallpaper

Gearbox announced the Fall Update is the last one Battleborn would receive

Several months ago, Battleborn creators decided to make the shooter free-to-play. However, this turned out to have been not a great idea, as Gearbox has recently announced it would abandon the development of the game in favor of a more important project. Therefore, after the incoming Fall Update, the game would no longer receive any new content.

Battleborn won’t receive any more content after the Fall Update

Randy Varnell, the Battleborn creative director, said the studio would direct all its forces towards the development of a top game, whose name hasn’t been revealed yet. The studio will reveal a Fall Update but, after that, it hasn’t planned any incoming content.

This last update will contain some patches to fix the balance issues, as well as new skins. Although it will stop the development of the game, Gearbox will still keep the servers active for an unknown period of time. This means you can still play the game, it just won’t receive any novelties.

The shooter competition was easily won by Overwatch

Battleborn was released 15 months ago, and was launched as free-to-play only three months ago. Therefore, it’s quite new to suddenly stop receiving any more updates, and this might upset many fans. However, it’s easy to explain this sudden decline it suffered.

The game was released only a few weeks before the top Blizzard shooter Overwatch. The two titles are quite similar, as they are both hero-based shooters and feature teams. However, the Blizzard game received way more attention, both in terms of marketing and of critical feedback, and this gave quite a powerful blow to Battleborn.

Battleborn has already established its fanbase, but its player count is significantly smaller than that of Overwatch. Therefore, developers will find it quite hard to keep the game, given the pretty limited resources they get. This led to the sad decision to stop offering producing content for the game, as it’s quite unlikely it will return stronger than before.
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