Is Kyle Jenner Throwing Pregnancy Hints on Social Media?

Kyle Jenner on the red carpet

Even if sources with knowledge have already confirmed that Kyle Jenner, the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is expecting her first baby in February with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, she hasn’t revealed anything about tis pregnancy. However, some fans of the reality-star have noticed some sneaky hints in her recent social media posts.

One of those hints supposedly appeared on Monday, when the 20-year old business mogul posted her daily routine on Snapchat. Hidden in that apparently usual routine there may have been some very subtle pregnancy hints. At least this is what some eagle-eyed fans are claiming.

Kyle Jenner throwing pregnancy hints?

It seems like one of those clues appeared when Kyle shared a photo of three different phone cases which had the famous Lyle Lip Kit logos on them. Two of those were pink while only one was blue. In her caption, she said that she preferred the blue one. Even if rumors are saying that she might be expecting a baby girl, Kyle could also be alluding at the three upcoming babies in their family. Kim is also expecting a baby girl via a surrogate mother and Khloe is pregnant too, with her boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

But Kyle didn’t stop and after that, she posted a photo of three cinnamon buns which were fresh from the oven. Could this mean that there are three buns in the ovens, as in three babies on their way?

According to sources, all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are very excited and Kyle and Khloe have already begun designing their nurseries, with their sisters and mother helping. It seems like Kyle is also over the moon. However, for the moment, because of the changes her body is experiencing, she doesn’t want paparazzi photographing her. So, now, she is having friends and family come over to her house and wants to keep a low profile.

Image source: ocdn