Woman Sues Jelly Belly Over Sugar Found in Sport Beans

Jelly Belly beans

Woman sues Jelly Belly because their Sport Beans contain sugar

A woman from San Bernardino County, California, sued Jelly Belly because the jelly beans brand “Sport Beans” contained sugar. She said that the advertising campaign made customers think the beans were sugar free, and the ingredient list was not clear enough. The company rejected the accusations, but not everybody might have the same opinion.

The woman blames the ingredient list as misleading

Jessica Gomez blames Jelly Belly of playing a trick on her and on other customers, as she was made to believe the Sport Beans did not contain sugar. The candies are, in fact, an exercise supplement, so the woman said the fancy words the company used on the package and in their advertising made her think the jelly beans had no sugar.

The list of ingredients did not write sugar, but “evaporated cane juice” instead. Therefore, many people might think there is no sugar in the candy. However, if they check the nutrition panel, it lists the grams of sugar contained in the sweets.

The FDA might agree with the accusations

Jelly Belly dismissed these accusations as “nonsense”, in hope that the lawsuit against them would not pass. However, the FDA might not agree with them, and also find such labeling misleading. In 2016, they announced that all products which contain sweeteners derived from sugar cane should avoid the “evaporated cane juice” labeling.

They think that this denomination confuses people, as they might think that the ingredient is not a sugar, but rather a vegetable or fruit. Since then, they have been encouraging companies to change the name of the ingredient on the package. Thus, people would know what they are eating and be able to distinguish this sugar from other types of sweeteners.

Jelly Belly still disagrees with the accusations, and brought several reasons why they should not face a lawsuit. For instance, they say that no one should be surprised to find sugar in a product called ‘jelly beans’.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons