Jay-Z Talks Solange Knowles Elevator Fight


It seems like three years after the famous elevator incident, during which the surveillance camera caught Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, fighting with her husband Jay-Z and even hitting him, the 47-year old rapper has decided to finally speak. Recently, during an interview with Rap Radar, Jay remembered that incident which took place back in 2014, after the Met Gala.

An incident that shocked the world

Jay-Z explained that what happened in that elevator was the outcome of their only disagreement ever. The entire family was reportedly fine before and after that quarrel. The rapper also said that Solange is not like his sister-in-law, but like his own sister, by blood. He said that he will protect her no matter what. Those who watched the video from 2014 will remember that Beyonce didn’t do much to stop the fight. She watched and intervened for only one brief moment.

Jay-Z went on and said that he was always arguing and fighting with his brothers, but this didn’t pull them apart. As for the Solange issue, he explained that it was nothing and that everyone is now good. It’s worth remembering that after that surveillance video became public, a statement was released by a representative of the family. That statement offered the same explanation, that it was nothing serious.

After this statement, Jay-Z avoided talking about this incident for entire years. However, one of the only times he made a reference to it was in his song “Kill Jay-Z”, from his album called 4:44. Solange preferred to talk about it much earlier and she explained that the entire family is all right, just a few months after it happened. The two sisters are known to be very close, fact themselves admitted during a 2017 interview. They were not fighting too much when they were little, nor are they fighting now.

Image source: wikimedia