38 Women Accuse James Toback of Sexual Harassment

James Toback pointing his finger

In the wake of the recent Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, 38 women have come forward to denounce yet another movie director, James Toback. According to them, he would roam the streets of Manhattan looking for young attractive women. He would introduce himself as a famous director and would ask them if they’d seen his movies. Those included Two Girls and A Guy and Black and White.

When the victims didn’t seem to know about him, he would start talking about how he “invented” Robert Downey Jr. and how he directed him in three movies. He would then show them a business card or a newspaper article about him, to prove his fame. After that, the potential actresses had to satisfy his intimate pleasures, as part of the process of becoming a celebrity.

Another director accused of sexual harassment

James Toback would even ask some embarrassing questions or start masturbating in front of them. According to those women, for years, this director sexually harassed women and it didn’t matter what they were: employees, women looking for a job or even strangers. As usually, none of these women called the police at the time of the harassment.

As for Toback, he strongly denied any such allegations and said that he had never met these women or he had met them very briefly and without even touching them. Moreover, he explained that for the past 22 years, it has been impossible to perform those acts the women accuse him of because he had been taking diabetes and heart condition medication.

However, according to those women, that wasn’t at all the case. The director was introducing himself as an influential figure in Hollywood who could help them become big stars. Also, he was telling them that they had to do those things to become famous. Toback is now 72-years old and there have been reports in the past about his inappropriate behavior.

Image source: nypagesix