Pregnant Teenage Girl from Ireland Institutionalized Against Her Will for Seeking an Abortion

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A teenager from Ireland was not allowed to get an abortion and was sent into mental care

An Irish pregnant teenager struggled with the harsh abortion laws in her country the hard way, when she was refused a pregnancy termination at the end of last year. Instead, she was hospitalized in a psychiatric unit both against her and her mother’s will, and had to stay there for an unknown number of days.

The teenage girl was sent to Dublin for institutionalization

Near the end of last year, the underage teenager, who insisted on remaining anonymous, and her mother sought a place in Dublin where the former could get an abortion. However, before going on the trip, she girl underwent psychiatric evaluation and, then, the psychiatric recommended she should go to Dublin and get an abortion.

The results of this evaluation didn’t come in her favor, but neither the girl or her mother were aware of it. In fact, the psychiatrist hadn’t sent them to the Irish capital for an abortion, and the girl was to be institutionalized in a mental health center when she reached the city.

Ireland, among the strictest abortion laws in the world

This institutionalization occurred in accordance to the country’s Mental Health Act, as the officials cited. After the psychiatric assessment, the girl was found as depressive and suicidal, and the medical expert found it more suitable for her to undergo psychiatric care than an abortion.

Ireland is one of the strictest countries when it comes to abortion laws. The regulations limit a woman’s right to undergo an abortion even in case of rape or incest. In fact, the eighth amendment of the country puts the mother’s life on the same level as the life of her unborn child.

There are cases when abortions are allowed, and that is when the mother’s life is in immediate danger. According to the mental evaluation, this was also the case with the teenage girl, who was psychiatrically examined for a second time and then freed from the involuntary institutionalization. However, it is still not clear if the girl was allowed to have an abortion.
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