iPhone Sales Declining In China

iPhone sales

The fact that iPhone sales declined in China should be a sign of concern for Apple.

Apple has been the leader of the market in China. This is the first time iPhone sales declined in the last 5 years. OPPO is now taking the Apple spot, leading the market. OPPO has sold more than 17 million units of OPPO R9. In comparison, Apple sold only 12 million iPhones in 2016.

Despite the fact that iPhones sales have decreased in 2016, the demand for Smartphones increased last year. Chinese people were tended to buy less expensive smartphones. Honor from Huawei was one of the smartphones that dominated the market.

The top 3 companies that sold the most devices last year in China are OPPO, Vivo, and Huawei. Apple is not the only company that did not sell great in China. Xiaomi saw a decline is sales also. There are other brands that suffered a decline in sales.

Companies like ZTE, Lenovo, and Samsung had suffered a decline in sales. The company that took the stop this year was Huawei. This was because of its P9 and Honor smartphones. More than 500 models of smartphones were sold in 2016 in China.

OPPO had more than 15 models of smartphones that ranked high. Xiaomi and Apple only had 4 each.  Apparently, Chinese people are not as pleased with iPhones as they were in the previous years. Now they tend to buy less expensive phones that have almost the same features as iPhones.

The fact that iPhone sales declined in China should be a sign of concern for Apple. This is because China was one of the countries where iPhone sales were increasing every year. Now, after more than 5 years their sales are declining. The companies that replaced Apple are not as well-known but have managed to develop great smartphones at accessible prices.

The Chinese market is very interesting because it has a demand for smartphones that grows every year. Also, the companies that sell smartphones there don’t follow a certain pattern. They tend to make a lot of innovative changes in order to get the attention of the public. Another important factor when talking about smartphones is the price. This is the one that makes the difference between two great phones.

What is your opinion about the fact that iPhone sales declined in China?

Image source: Pexels