Iowa Bill Brings Benefits to Individuals with Autism


Iowa introduces a bill which brings health insurance benefits for individuals with autism

The Autism Awareness Month brings advantages for people from Iowa who are struggling with the disorder. Terry Branstad, the Governor of Iowa, has just signed a bill which will offer several benefits to people suffering from an autism spectrum disorder. The bill will grant them an easier access to treatments and therapy.

Early treatment of autism helps children improve their condition

Autism is pretty widespread, as one in 68 children is affected by the disorder. The earlier the disorder is discovered, the better it is for the child. Thus, if parents spot autism as early in life in possible and start the treatment immediately, these children have more chances of improvement.

They might overcome the communication barriers more easily, improve their social skills, and get closer to becoming like the other children around them. Thus, Kris Steinmetz, the executive director of Iowa’s Autism Society, emphasizes the importance of early detection and of an easier access to all methods of treatment.

The bill introduces several health insurance policies for the benefit of people with autism spectrum disorders. These policies are provided by employers. Also, Iowa is part of the Regional Autism Program, which comes to the help of parents with autistic children. This program offers a lot of support for these families, guides them in the fight with autism, and offers them treatment solutions and therapy sessions.

Several programs want to help autistic individuals become a part of society

The first and the most important step for a person with autism is the early detection and intervention. As mentioned before, this can bring great improvements in the condition of these children. However, this does not stop here. Steinmetz wants to help autistic teenagers to become a part of society.

When they turn 14, these children should start thinking about what career choice they would make and how to become integrated in the society. This is why she wants to come to their help and bring a special program which aims to teach these children find their vocational skills and develop them.

There are several organizations around Iowa with special vocational programs for autistic teenagers. One of them is the REACH Program, developed by the University of Iowa. This aims to help these students overcome their difficulties, make career choices in accordance with their skills, and become functional members of society.
Image Source: Flickr