Inky the Octopus Daringly Escaped New Zealand Aquarium

"inky the octopus"

By now, anybody with a good internet connection or that has the slightest fascination with nature and the world around them probably knows that octopuses are smart. They have been shown opening jars, stealing crabs in the middle of the night from neighboring tanks, and are known to be master escape artists.

And one of them just made headlines all over the world, as Inky the octopus daringly escaped New Zealand aquarium. The tiny cephalopod was known for its curiosity and exceeding intelligence, but everybody was still surprised by the fact that Inky escaped his tank.

While the staff knows that Inky manged to perform his daring antics because somebody left the lid to his tank open over-night, the worried aquarium workers couldn’t come up with the exact way in which he escaped. They do have a number of theories, though. Still, they are sure that the inquisitive Inky left because of curiosity, not because of any feelings of unhappiness with the staff.

The team came up with various ways in which the escape artist could have gotten away, with these including him travelling across the floor of the aquarium and sliding down a drain pipe that spilled into the ocean or even squeezing into an open pipe at the top of his tank.

The fact that octopuses (not octopi) have no bones make them very proficient escape artists, as they can squeeze their whole bodies through openings as large as a coin. This, combined with their great intelligence and uninhibited curiosity makes them the best escapists in the animal kingdom.

And Inky was known to be possessed of a particularly great intelligence even among octopuses. He had been living for years in a bay, fighting off fish, until he was brought in by a fisherman. Roughly th size of a rugby ball, he was very roughed up, even missing the tips of a few tentacles. Still, the creature turned out to be friendly enough.

Aside from befriending the aquarium staff and being a very beloved attraction, Inky also befriended another octopus, Blotchy. They liked spending time together, but Blotchy, the smaller octopus was definitely the most dull of the two. Still, the aquarium is happy that they didn’t lose both animals.

They won’t be actively pursuing other octopuses, but if someone were to bring one in, they’d most likely accept it without any issues. Meanwhile, the staff is kind of worried about Inky’s safety, but they hope he will find whatever he was searching for out in the open ocean.

Image source: Washington Post