Imgur Will Become More Social-Media Oriented

imgur creator speaking

Imgur, the image-share and discovery platform founded by Schaaf , announced new social updates.

Earlier this week, Imgur, the image-share and discovery platform, has announced that it will turn to a more social-media oriented road following its latest update.

Imgur is an online platform which lets its users host and share images. It was established back in 2009 by Alan Schaaf, who also runs the platform.

The image sharing community used to be part of a larger platform. However, earlier this year, the said platform, Reddit, released its own photo tools.

However, the website managed to maintain its own users and has just recently announced a series of interesting updates.

Imgur will have a more social-media oriented approach as users will be able to communicate directly. The new features will target both the smartphone and desktop app versions.

They will include a distinctive set of features. For example, users will beneficiate from various conversation options. Comments will come to be used as a chatting method. A tap on the share icon or a search through the chat interface will open a new chat option.

By searching a username, users will also be able to directly communicate with the respective online community member.

Online communication is known to come with both benefits and disadvantages. One such disadvantage is the possibility of receiving unwanted messages.

Imgur will, as such, also offer a new series of privacy protection policies. This will allow users to quite simply block unwanted messages.

They will also be able to block their sender. A list of such users or contacts will also be made available. Users will be able to check their list by accessing it from the main chat menu.

Imgur desktop users will also be able to check out old messages. They will be able to do so by accessing their account settings. However, these messages will solely be in the read-only mode.

Whilst desktop Imgurians will also be able to chat with fellow users, the mobile messaging option has been disabled.

A useful addition that will come with the latest update is the ability to follow other accounts. This will be made quite simple by the addition of a new icon. Such an icon will be added next to the respective username in both profiles and posts.

In order to keep track of the followed accounts, a user’s profile will now have the “Following” tab. The tab will also have a plus icon. By tapping, Imgur will notify you of the respective user’s activity.

More exactly, it will follow the “most viral” feed. This feature already follows the most shared and upvoted website content.

Contrary to other social media platforms, Imgur will not show a follower count. It will also not display the user’s number of followed accounts to other Imgurians.

The app versions will also feature a settings change. As such, users will now be able to update their accounts directly from the app. Those interested to do so will have to simply enter the settings menu.

Imgur has both Android and iOS app versions. According to an Alexa top, the platform is the 15th top ranked United States website page.

Image Source: Flickr