IBM and MIT will develop robots that think like humans

IBM and MIT have big plans for the future

IBM and MIT will develop robots that are able to hear and see like humans.

What happens when IBM and MIT join their forces? They develop robots thank think like humans.  Of course, Artificial Intelligence is surprising us every they, but robots are still not able to understand  what happens around them. The robots those two companies will build should be able to hear and see just like humans do.

Their mission will not be easy because they have to develop pattern recognition. For a human, there is nothing easier that saying what happened to him/her and think of what will happen next. Things are more difficult when it comes to robots.

The machine that MIT and IBM are going to build will be able to predict human gestures. Of course,  robots have been able to predict algorithms for a long time, sometimes better than we did.  People will encode tasks into the computer and it will solve the problem. However, to make a robot think like a human is harder. There are a lot of changes that happen around us and we have prepared for anything. Robots are not still ready to predict small things, such as a handshake or a kiss.

Even though the Artificial Intelligence has developed a lot in the last years, the human mind is still better. If MIT and IBM will be able to develop a robot that thinks similar to a human, there will be some major changes. Those machines could be used in hospitals or schools. They could really help humans achieve their goals, but it is a long journey before we will be able to do that.

IBM and MIT are not sure how much this program will cost and how much time they will need to make it work, but they really think they can do it. The robot they are going to develop could be able to help humans find treatment for many diseases.

It could take some time before we will be able to see that robot, but we are sure they will manage to this project.  IBM and MIT have a lot of smart employees who do their best to discover new things regarding high-technology. We are expecting in the future to see robots that will be able to hear, see and do things that we can’t even imagine at the moment. What do you think? Will the researchers manage to do that robot?

Image source: Wikipedia