Mike Hughes Delays Plan to Prove the Earth is Flat

Map of a flat Earth

For over two millennia, great thinkers and explorers like Aristotle, Magellan, deGrasse Tyson and John Glenn have said that the Earth is surely round. However, Mike Hughes, a 61-years old limousine driver and member of the “flat-Earthers” club, wants to prove that what those people thought is actually false. Hi ambitious plan was to launch himself about 1,800 feet in the air in a self-made rocket. His final goal was to get higher in the sky to be able to photograph the disk we are all living on.

His flight was scheduled for Saturday, but he never accomplished it. Firstly, the Bureau of Land Management found out about his plan and banned him from using any public land in California. Secondly, it seems like his self-made rocket, which he built out of an old motor home, stopped functioning on Wednesday.

The plan to prove the Earth is flat is delayed

Hughes even explained what happened in an announcement on YouTube. In the same video, he is also explaining how the Bureau of Land Management intervened and stopped his plan after the first reports about his flight started to come out. According to a spokeswoman for the agency, Hughes didn’t apply to them for the permit he needed to accomplish his plan. Hughes himself admitted in the video that it wasn’t a smart idea.

It’s interesting that the 61-year old is still not going to let go of his idea to launch himself in the sky. He still wants to reach a speed of 500 mph while flying over the Mojave Desert. Now, he said that he has managed to find a private property somewhere near that original launch site. He thinks that this week everything will be fine and he will be able to fulfill his plan.

There are currently many people who believe that the Earth is actually flat and that everything we know about it being round is just a NASA conspiracy.

Image source: wikimedia