Huge Catastrophe May Hit Earth No Matter What We Do

Planet Earth in space

According to scientists, there are a lot of signs happening right now that would seem to indicate that the Earth’s magnetic poles are about to swap places. This is not good news because such a dramatic change might have catastrophic effects on our planet. The magnetic field that surrounds the planet protects it from dangerous solar radiation. The Earth’s core actually generates it and the two poles act as anchors. However, it seems that this magnetic field is constantly shifting.

Scientists are well aware of the fact that the magnetic poles have swapped places many times over the course of history. Usually, this happens every 200 to 300.000 years. The problem is that the last time it happened was 800,000 years ago, which means that we are long overdue. This doesn’t mean that the poles will shift tomorrow or in during our lifetimes. However, data from satellites indicates that something happens at the planet’s core which usually predicts this shift. Should this really happen, our entire planet would be affected. This phenomenon might wreak havoc on everything from electrical infrastructure to transportation. These are indispensable for our daily modern lives so, imagine what would happen without them.

The Earth’s magnetic poles might swap places soon

According to what NASA says, if someone were to live 800,000 years ago, the needled of their magnetic compass would point to south instead of north. However, the problem is that many doomsday enthusiasts have used this phenomenon to trigger panic and talk about a possible end of the world. However, according to official fossil and geologic records from the past polarity reversals, nothing dramatic would happen.

Scientists want people to know that reversals of the magnetic poles are actually a rule, not an exception. The planet is used to this, even if it hasn’t happened in a very long time. So, it’s important for people to not believe everything they hear or read. If the poles indeed shift, it will be a completely natural thing and the planet will surely survive.

Image source: flickr