Huawei’s Honor Smartphones Will Also Be Sold in the United States

huawei_honor_hollyHuawei’s Honor smartphones will also be sold in the United States, since 2015 has represented an important business season for the Chinese giant. The company has released a stunning Android Wear-based smart watch, was among the first organizations to produce cellular processors centered around ARM Cortex programs in the form of Kirin 950 SoC, is accountable for the top quality and premium Nexus program launched as its Nexus 6P, while also working an releasing a series of other mobile devices.

So, it is not surprising that Huawei has been strongly marketed these past months nor that its products have gone from good to great. During its activity, Huawei has used sub manufacturers for a while now. Kirin 950 was developed and produced by HiSilicon, the giant’s wholly owned processor branch. Although the chipset is going to power several Huawei mobile gadgets, the fact that the processor has this label in its brand is a significant aspect in market identification.

It gives clients another company to consider for their purchases: Huawei, Kirin and HiSilicon. It is a similar thing with its Honor label, which is applied by the company to help clients recognize their mobile phones. Today’s information is that Honor’s  officials have confirmed that their labeled cell phones will be launched into the vast market of the United states. They are presenting several of their present gadgets available in other regions besides focusing on and launching area-specific products.

Unfortunately, this declaration was not followed by any significant details like when American users might buy Honor’s gadgets or which ones will be officially sold in the US, but it is known that Honor plans to make an announcement at the major CES even that is held at the beginning of the next year. Not only the company wants to launch new products in January 2016, but it has also scheduled its own meeting, which fans hope that will be the perfect occasion to present future business decisions for 2016, release the organization’s labeled mobile devices and plans for the United States’ marketplace.

Huawei’s Honor gadgets have typically seemed to have good value in comparison with other more famous smart phone manufacturers in North America, which have higher prices and can have inferior performances in similar tests. For instance, the lately launched Honor 7 costs under $400, while having the spacious 5.2” 1080p display, a Kirin 935 processor, which is powered by 3GB of RAM.

On the back, there is a 20-megapixel rear digicam and an 8-megapixel frontal shooter that is perfect for selfies.  Under the aluminum body, the new Honor 7 arrives with a powerful 3,000-mAh batter and it is possible that the company will immediately provide its gadgets to clients via sites, which is rapidly becoming an extremely common method to sell mobile phones into the huge United States market.

Nevertheless, if Huawei is developing a series of regional specific gadgets, this may indicate that it has various partnerships with American mobile providers. The mass-media and fans will know more details about this important business move in approximately one month.

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