How The Rise of Internet Users Is a Barrier to job Hunt

How The Rise of Internet Users Is a Barrier to job Hunt

As Smartphone-internet users increase in number, more adults in the United Stated report that inadequate Internet access may become a huge obstacle in finding a job.

The Internet is supposed to provide many opportunities to people for the purpose of individual achievement. However, the Pew Research Centre survey found that almost seventy percent of Americans said that the absence of high-speed Internet could potentially become a huge disadvantage when looking for a new job.

The number of people in the U.S. who have access to internet is growing, but the same cannot be said about high-speed connection.

In 2013, the number of houses with wired broadband connections was seventy percent, but the number decreased to sixty-seven percent (which is the same as in 2012). Although the change is not that big, it may actually signal the start of a bigger shift.

Smartphone-only internet users increased from eight percent in 2013 to thirteen percent. This may be due to the rise in Americans who own smartphones – now at sixty-eight percent. Smartphone-only users are more common in rural areas, or among those with lower incomes, the researchers found.

According to the Pew Research Centre, people who only rely on smartphones (or who are ‘smartphone-dependent’) may come across several challenges. Based on the findings, those individuals are more likely to run into problems such as data-cap limits, compared with internet users that are not ‘smartphone-dependent’.

The Pew Research Centre also found that smartphone-only users have to suspend or cancel service more often than others, because of financial constraints. Writing cover letters and filling out job applications is more difficult for those who use digital tools to look for jobs, according to a more recent Pew Research Centre survey.

About fifteen percent of all American do not use the Internet. They are people who are likely to live in rural areas and are fifty years of age or more. About thirty-three percent of those who did not finish high school do not use the Internet at all, compared with four percent who have a college degree, a Pew Research Centre report stated.

When it comes to race, the Pew Research Centre survey found that five percent of non-users are Asian, eighteen percent are Hispanic, and twenty percent are black.

The new study shows that although eighty-five percent of adults in the United States have access to the Internet, not all access is equal as some have high-speed Internet, and others do not.

Image Source: businesscircle