How Companies Plan to Save the Smartphone Target Market

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Prices will dictate customers’ choice in point of smartphone preferences.

It’s no longer a secret that the smartphone market is facing its first economic downturn, judging on recent economic reports. The real question we are now facing is how companies plan to save the smartphone target market.

Tech developers have ceased racing each other to release the best smartphone on the market. For some reason or another, customers have lost their appetite for these pocket computers, be they the best smartphones in the market or not.

These new tendencies will dictate how companies plan to save the smartphone target market. Mobility and fast Internet access, the two factors governing the smartphone market might not reflect today’s reality. Since prices will be customers’ first purchasing option, developers could evince an increased interest towards low-end models in the following years.

In addition, customers could make a 180 degree turn when it comes to choosing the best smartphone on the market. This because they are also using other evaluation criteria, based on the new smartphone market tendencies.

Various factors may have contributed to this small decrease, according to specialists. First of all, there is a strong competition coming from the low-end smartphone market as developers have proven smartphones need not be expensive to work well. Customers seem to have understood that the best smartphone on the market is not the device that is pricier, but rather the one that has a better quality-price rate.

Secondly, the smartphone target market in China, once an avid consumer of smart devices and accessories, is now facing troubles as a result of the recent economic turmoil. No wonder then, that only 128.1 handsets will be shipped this month, compared to the 128.7 million handsets purchased around the same period, last year.

This small drop in the price of smartphone market share will most certainly have customers revisit their position in regard to the best smartphone on the market. Developers and analysts estimate that 2016 will see low-end smartphones on top of customers’ preferences, whereas high-end devices will only be purchased occasionally.

Smart devices have lost their innovation as they have been around from some time now, so we should expect customers to purchase smartphones once every other year and use them until they are completely broken. Such practices on the smartphone target market are expected to further deepen the recent economic abyss on the smartphone market.

As usual, quality might be sacrificed in favor of more affordable prices – this is how companies plan to save the smartphone target market, in analysts’ opinion. There will still be high-end models like the much-awaited iPhone 7, but most sales will come from upgraded versions of low-end models.

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