Honest Company Recalls Organic Baby Powder

Honest Company

After all of the problems and scandals that were tied to Honest Company comes this hit.

Honest Company which was co-founded by Jessica Alba recalled organic baby powder. The reason for these recalls is the fact that organic baby powder might cause eye or skin infections. The company is a Santa Monica start-up.

A test showed that there were microorganisms in the baby powder that could cause infections. The company mentioned that they are voluntarily recalling these products for safety. Co-founder Christopher Gavigan apologized for this problem.

“On behalf of my co-founders and everyone here at Honest, I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, mentioned Christopher Gavigan”

This is not the first time this company had problems. Although they mentioned that they only use organic products they are not always doing so. Last year an investigation showed that Honest Company was using a substance that the company said they were never going to us.

After that problem, they planned to change the formula of the detergent. Another problem involved the sunscreen produced by this company. They came up with a new formula for it after a lot of people mentioned that it was not effective.

Many observers mentioned that the company might even be looking for a buyer because they had too much negative attention. One of the companies that could have bought Honest was Unilever. Instead, Unilever decided to buy Seventh Generation.

After all of these problems, last month, Honest has to fire 14% of its employees in order to reorganize. After they make those cuts the company mentioned that they want to have a more aggressive push. Apparently, they did not have the time because they now have to recall the organic baby powder.

After all of the problems and scandals that were tied to Honest Company comes this hit. The recall of these products is concerning for the future of the company. None of the founder or workers mentioned how many products were affected.

The only announcement was to return any of these products. Gavigan mentioned that the customers will get a full refund. Until now there were no reports of problems due to the organic baby powder. Let’s hope that nobody is affected by these products.

What is your opinion about this company? Do you think that their products are safe to use?

Image source: Flickr