Homelessness Might Be Classified As A Medical Condition In Hawaii

homelessness medical condition

The bill states that homelessness should be a medical condition.

One of the biggest problems in the US is the struggle with homeless people. All of the states are trying to deal with this problem as they can. One of the states that are also trying to fight this problem is Hawaii.

An interesting bill was been introduced in Hawaii. A senator, Josh Green wants to help homeless people and that is why he introduced this bill. The bill states that homelessness should be a medical condition. This way homeless people in Hawaii will be able to have better health care.

Josh Green based this bill on its experience from when he was an emergency room doctor. He mentioned that most of the homeless people he saw there had a lot of health problems including mental conditions and diabetes.

The senator mentioned that the people who suffer from these types of problems need to have a permanent house where they can be treated. It is also important for them to have health insurance that can pay for their medical conditions.

This bill was introduced last week on the house floor. Once the bill passes, if it does, insurance companies will cover the costs of houses for homeless people. The fact that homelessness is going to be a medical condition could save these people.

Josh Green wants the Medicaid to receive more than $2 billion every year in order to pay for houses for homeless people. The senator mentioned that the frequent visits of homeless people are more expensive than a house. This means that the state could also save money if they adopt this bill.

The only problem with this bill is that deciding which people should really benefit from it is a challenge. It is very hard to choose which people will get a place to live and which won’t. Although this bill might seem like an unusual idea, it has a lot of chances to pass. This is because Hawaii is trying very hard to solve the problem of homeless people in the state.

A lot of programs have been adopted recently by this state and making homelessness a medical condition might not be the craziest idea. We’ll wait and see what is the faith of this bill.

Image source: Wikipedia