Homeless Woman Proven Right

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A homeless woman who said she was supposed to get 100,000 dollars from the government has been proven right.

A homeless woman who said she was supposed to get 100,000 dollars from the government has been proven right. Wanda Witter spent over twelve years on the streets, trying to get anybody who would listen to understand that she was owed a huge social security cheque.

She had found a place to sleep close to a Mc Donald’s in the center of Washington DC. She would carry three suitcases of papers with her, trying to get into contact with the government. In the end, she would tell passersby about her situation.

Everybody thought she was insane and people told her to throw away the suitcases. However, her Kafka like battle with Washington’s bureaucratic machine found a solution in the person of Julie Turner, social worker. Julie Turner had the patience of searching through the paperwork for the homeless woman.

Turner declared that the woman had all the documents in there, neatly put together. It turned out the woman was right all along and the State owed her the huge amount of money.

Enlisting the help of Turner and a lawyer found by the social worker. Witter will receive cheques in value of 99,999 dollars during the following period.

Everything began when Witter lost her job as a machinist. She moved together with her daughter in Colorado. She graduated from a local college and moved to Washington DC in 1999 to find work. But Witter was almost seventy years old at the time and could not find a serious job offer.

In the end, she remained without resources. When she decided to claim benefits, she would receive cheques with the wrong amount. When this happened, she would write “void” on them and send them back.

After a while, she moved to a homeless shelter – without telling her daughter about the situation. However, many people thought she was crazy and recommended her to go into psychological counselling. She insisted she was owed the money.

In May, Turner took Witter to a counsel for the elderly and the lawyer Daniela de la Piedra knew she was supposed to receive the money.

In June, she got her first cheque for 999 dollars, and more is on the way. Witter has now moved into a small flat. Turner believes that although many people believe homelessness is mainly caused by mental illness, many times it’s a story about economics.

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