Father Obligated To Pay To Hold His Baby

a hand to hold his baby

A man was forced to pay a fee in order to hold his baby

Ryan Grassley, a 37 years old resident of Utah who now is the proud father of a newly-born boy, was charged a tax in order to be able to hold his baby whilst the newborn was still in the OR room.

After quite a pleasant hospital experience with nice, helpful staff members, Grassley found a $39.35 tax related to his request to hold his newborn. The father recounts that after his wife successfully delivered their boy through C-section, he requested and was allowed to hold the baby for the first time while the three members of the family were still in the OR room, with the nurses even helping them take photos to immortalize the moment.

Later, when he received the itemized hospital bill, the man was surprised to find in-between the offered services the “Skin to skin after C-sec” price and decided to post it on his personal Reddit profile.

Grassley took the tax in a jocose manner and decided to continue making light of the situation by setting up a GoFoundMe account that would contribute to the money asked after his request to hold his baby. It took him about 10 hours and 7 people to be able to pay by this means, and he joked that the money will be used towards a vasectomy as his 2-year-old daughter and new son will account for enough sleepless nights in his book.

Although the father approached the matter with amusement and light-heartedness, not everybody took it so lightly.

As the fee sparked debates, a representative of the Utah Valley Hospital where the baby was born was quick to provide an explanation for the seemingly ridiculous and difficult to understand monetary demand. It seems that the problem may have been in the way in which the request was written in the bill. Apparently, as the OR room has a number of sanitary and safety demands, an additional caregiver that is to enter the room must pay a special charge. That would imply that the fact itself that the father was there generated the fee, and not his request to hold his son.

But even the official explanation doesn’t help much with the problem as quite a number of Reddit user from around the world (as the bill’s photo has gathered well over 3.5 million views) find it hard to believe and to accept the high costs demanded by the American Health System.

What is the reader’s opinion in regards to the fee this father paid in order to hold his baby, and the man’s reaction to the unexpected expenditure?

Image Source: Pixabay