Hitman GO Is Targeting PS 4, PS Vita, And Steam

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It’s official, Hitman GO is targeting PS 4, PS Vita, and Steam to be released toward the end of the month, and become the precursor to the upcoming full console and PC game. There have been trailers out on the next Hitman installment, but Square Enix is ready to bring one out of the mobile world. Their puzzle-style game, Hitman GO is coming to other platforms.

The clever game based on turn-style gameplay first released last year.  It’s a beautifully created puzzle game that will engage the player’s sense of strategy instead of testing out their accuracy. While it’s certainly important for a world class assassin to hit his shots, how to get there is equally crucial. Without being seen obviously, unless the main strategy is “there’s no one to witness if there’s no one alive”.

However, Hitman GO has turned that type of strategy on its head. It demands a different sort of gameplay, where the player has to carefully plan every move. It has been met with excellent success on its originally intended platform. However, it’s now ready to move on. Square Enix announced that the beautifully crafted mobile game will launch on PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita, and Steam.

The developer has announced that they will be porting the small game, and it will come out on February 23rd, just a few short weeks until the launch of the next full Hitman installment. More specifically, that will be on March 11th of this year.

According to the developer, both console and Steam players will be getting the Definitive Edition. That means that they will be purchasing the game, along with all additions and updates that have been made since its launch last year. All the extras will be there, free of charge. The studio is doing its best to make up for the long wait. This implies including the Paris Opera mission from Blood Money, and St. Petersburg from Silent Assassin.

PlayStation 4 owners will get the double feature. If they purchase Hitman GO, the game will instantly become available on their PS Vita, along with cross-saves. That means that even if you leave your home, you’ll still be able to continue the game from where you left off.

Console and Steam users will also have achievements and trading cards to level up their account. However, if you’re shooting for that Platinum trophy, you better be ready to flex those brain muscles and complete the game without any hints.

No word has come out about a potential launch of Hitman GO on Xbox One, so it’s possible that Microsoft’s platform will not get it.

Image source: ggpht.com


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