Health Benefits of Marijuana Extract for Children and Adults

"marijuana with water droplets"

Science has proven the health benefits of marijuana.

In spite of constant complaints, scientists have published a new list of health benefits of marijuana extract for children and adults. Before you get all skeptical and start criticizing physicians’ initiative, you must first know that the new benefits of marijuana were tested on young and mature patients of epilepsy.

There have been many experiments conducted in the past to prove people that there are many health benefits of marijuana consumption. All of them have tested the ability of the Cannabidiol extract to inhibit seizures, but the most conclusive results were registered during the recent experiment at the NYU Langone Medical Center.

For the current experiment concerning the health benefits of marijuana extract for children and adults, medical experts administered the Cannaibiol extract, Epidiolex together with regular epilepsy pills. 261 patients with ages smaller than 11 have taken part in the experiment.

They were given a drop of the aforementioned marijuana extract together with their medicines. The first round of experiment lasted for approximately three months. During this period, researchers noticed that seizure episodes were reduced to 50 percent. Moreover one patient in 10 was completely free of seizures by the end of the experiment.

The ensuing research aimed to study the long-term health benefits of marijuana by administering the same Cannabidiol extract over a period of one year. Tests were carried out on a group of 25 children. The same benefits of marijuana were registered even during the second experiment.

Scientists have explained that 10 participants experienced 50 percent less seizure episodes after they received the extract. One single patient became seizure-free by the end of the research, whereas the remaining 12 patients noticed no improvement in their condition. For this reason, they have dropped out of the experiment long before it has been concluded.

These two experiments and other past tests performed on mice labs have proven the medical marijuana health benefits. Scientists have once again, reinforced patients that the effects of the Cannabidiol extract are not the same as the benefits to smoking marijuana. The latter has no proven medical effects and it can be dangerous to consumers, especially young ones.

Even these newly found health benefits of marijuana extract for children and adults are now being contested. Scientists think the Placebo effect might have biased their scientific data. Consequently, they will try to replicate this experiment using Placebo and real marijuana extract.

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