Heading Towards A Green Future

chinese solar powered car

Is humanity heading towards a green future?

Is humanity heading towards a green future? Find out, in this article. A global energy shift is underway. The future merger between Solar City and Tesla offers a glimpse of what is to come.

Integrating solar pannels, battery storage and electrical cars is the new way forward for global economics, which could also reach the Paris climate agreement.

A renewable energy company is going to combine battery storage, electric cars and solar panels, in a complicated international context, the time is ripe for replacing fossil fuels with solar powered energy and other types of renewable energy.

Whether or not Tesla’s corporate merger fully takes place, it is a model for a global energy company with a compatible and comprehensive product line.

Elon Musk from Tesla believes that the combination of cheap solar panels with affordable and rapidly developing battery storage makes future renewable energy systems achievable globally.

Tesla and other companies are investing in photovoltaic factories across the world. This change in paradigm is practically the fourth industrial revolution: the renewable energy and smart technology revolution, which means that most factories in the developed world have smart components or automated processes.

Humanity can now go to space and fly on solar powered batteries. But driving by using solar panels seemed a distant dream. That was until China stepped in, by launching four concept cars fully powered by solar energy.

These cars are covered in solar panels to provide them with cheap electricity. The producing company also makes thin film solar panels.

With five or six hours of sunshine, panels can generate eight to ten kilowatts of power per day. This would allow the prototypes to travel about 80 kilometers, which adds up to 20,000 kilometers annually.

Hanergy representatives say the technology is ready to enter production, but it hasn’t said when the new technology will be on the Chinese or North American market.

Moreover, the company struck a deal with Beiqi Foton Motor, one of China’s biggest carmakers, to develop green buses for the local Chinese market.

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