Harvey Weinstein is Out of Producers Guild of America

Harvey Weinstein

It seems like in the wake of the sexual harassment scandal in which producer Harvey Weinstein has been involved, many people and associations in the industry are taking action. For example, on Saturday, the Producers Guild of America will be holding a meeting. During that same day, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will also take a decision regarding the future of the Hollywood mogul in the business.

So, in just one day, he could see himself dismissed from two of the most important bodies in the entertainment industry. The PGA will reportedly vote on what action to take regarding the Weinstein scandal. The Academy will be doing almost the same thing during that same day and the outcome doesn’t look to be promising. The body has recently called what Weinstein did “repugnant”.

Harvey Weinstein is in even more trouble

It’s interesting that the Producers Guild of America actually has a special constitution which says that the guild has the possibility of disciplining its members at all times. Moreover, the constitution also says that if the national board of directors finds any member who has violated the rules, or who is guilty of any act, it has the right to expel them, censor them, fine them or even terminate his membership. So, things are not looking too good for Harvey Weinstein.

Also, it’s worth noting that even if the board will decide to kick Weinstein out, this decision may not become effective immediately. The person in cause will receive a copy of the charge fifteen days before expulsion. At least five days before it takes effect, they have the right to appear before the board and defend their actions.

After a complex investigation, it was revealed that Weinstein had sexually harassed and abused numerous women he had collaborated with. Among those who had the courage to speak up were Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

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