Microsoft Abandons Groove Music in Favor of Spotify

The Groove Music logo on a blue background

Microsoft will replace the antiquated Groove Music service with Spotify

Microsoft wanted to give its users their own music service, and changed the name of Xbox Music to Groove Music. However, this streaming service still kept the ghost of the old Zune with it, which the company felt like it was a bit too risky. Therefore, Microsoft decided to give up on Groove Music, and start a partnership with a different music streaming service – Spotify.

Groove Music didn’t look like a good prospect for the future

Groove Music will permanently go offline on December 31st. Until then, Microsoft will stop selling passes for the users to stream music on the app. Also, all users who have an active subscription will receive a refund. Once the service goes offline, users will no longer be able to use it for streaming, downloading, or purchasing songs.

However, users need not worry. Their playlists won’t simply disappear, as Microsoft will give them the option to move their subscriptions to a rival music streaming service. Now, instead of Groove Music, they will be offered Spotify. Microsoft and Spotify have been working on two different apps, one for Windows 10 users, and the other one for Xbox. Therefore, Microsoft’s choice comes as no surprise.

Groove Music will gradually be replaced by Spotify

However, only the Groove Music service is the one which goes offline. The desktop app for Windows 10 will continue to be active, and users should soon receive an update for it. Microsoft declared it would continue improving this desktop app, which lets users play their local library, as well as any music files stored in OneDrive.

The situation is different for the mobile app, which ends streaming on December 31st. Since it only uses non-local sources, the service will no longer be available, and all iOS and Android users of Groove Music are advised to switch to Spotify.
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons