Green Screen Of Death Will Be Replacing The BSOD

green screen of death

All those fearing the BSOD will have a new color of concern with the new Green Screen of Death.

All those fearing the BSOD will have a new concern contender as the newest Windows Insider program will come with a Green Screen of Death.

The BSOD is an element familiar to most likely all the Windows users. BSOD is the much dreaded Blue Screen of Death. This is an error screen that a Windows computer system display after a crash.

It marks a fatal system error. Crashes usually happen when the operating system can no longer operate safely. BSODs made their appearance in 1993 with the Windows NT 3.1. They have been present on every Windows generation since then.

But this may soon change. The problem with the BSOD and the potential future GSOD is as follows. When it happens, the users risks losing all their work, opened applications, and data.

Now, users will be experimenting a GSOD. GSOD will be, quite understandably, the Green Screen of Death. The change was first noted by Windows Insider users.

The Windows Insider program is a group of a few million people. They have signed up and been offered the following chance.

These users have agreed to test out the latest Windows updates. They will be delivered earlier so that the select users can test them. Users will, for their part, turn back reports about the updates.

Matthijs Hoekstra, the Windows Enterprise Developer Platform Senior Program Manager, was the first to hint at and report the change.

A user trying to force a bug was the first to have noticed the change. He then took to Twitter to offer photos and point out the change.

But analysts have taken to hypothesizing. One theory proposes the color change to be a sort of demarcation line. According to first reports, stable Windows 10 versions will be using the classic BSOD.

However, all future Windows 10 Inside builds will turn to a Green Screen of Death. As such, the change could come to differentiate stable from unstable builds.

The aforementioned Hoekstra confirmed that the color change will only be available for preview participants. Users have been known to post BSOD screenshots so as to try and solve the issue.

As testing phase builds will now feature a Green Screen of Death, they could come to distinguish between builds. This is not the first BSOD development.

Possibly trying to make it more friendly, Windows added a frowning face to it Windows 8 variant. A somewhat more useful update came sometime later.

The last BSOD update featured the addition of QR codes. These could be used so as to directly access error information.

According to Microsoft officials, the Green Screen of Death will be helping the staff. Based on it, they will be able to sort and triage the errors. It will also allow them to prioritize between bugs.

Those that have signed up for the Windows Insider program can preview the new GSOD. It can be detected on a leaked version of the Win 10 Insider Build 14997. This build also came with a number of other updates.

For example, users will be able to “pause” Windows update operations. A blue light filter was also introduced as was a gaming mode.

Windows 10 Insider public testing is momentarily on hold. Windows has paused the program over the holiday and it will only be introducing new builds starting with next month.

Image Source: Wikimedia