Rockstar Might Have Already Started Working on Grand Theft Auto 6

Screenshot from Grand Theft Auto 5

Several clues on the internet hint to a new Grand Theft Auto title in the making

Everybody is waiting for Grand Theft Auto 6 to come, and news that it might soon get here won’t surprise anyone. However, Grand Theft Auto 5 is still in the charts, and Rockstar doesn’t seem too eager to let something else take its place. Although nothing’s official, the studio might be working on the game as we speak, as several hints point to it.

Can a resume confirm the coming of Grand Theft Auto 6?

An actor’s resume is responsible with sparking these debates, as he claims to be working on the game. Neogaf released a screenshot of the online resume of Tim Neff, which offers us some interesting information. He mentions to have done motion capture for both Grand Theft Auto 6, as well as Red Dead Redemption 2. The latter has actually been confirmed, and is currently in development.

This is not solid proof that Rockstar has started working on the new title in the GTA series. However, Neff’s claim in the CV is backed up by more evidence. His Instagram profile shows how, in February, he posted a picture of himself standing outside the Rockstar offices in San Diego.

Even if it’s true, it will still take time until the game is here

Again, this could mean nothing, but there are quite a lot of coincidences. The picture is followed by a hashtag which gives us hope, #mocap. Also, another shot of the same area has been posted last year in October.

All of these might indeed indicate that Grand Theft Auto 6 is on its way. However, no official confirmation has come. Even if Rockstar mentioned anything, it might be a long way until the game is done and ready for release. Games in the GTA series are big projects which require a lot of implications, so it’s natural that a game isn’t ready overnight.
Image Source: Flickr