Google Chrome Will Introduce A Repeat Offender Alert

google repeat offenders

Google announced that its Chrome browser will feature a new Repeat Offender alert.

Google announced that its Chrome browser will feature a new Repeat Offender alert which will warn its users against accessing websites that have a multiple history of spreading malware.

As the number of Internet users grew, so did the number of possible threats as malware and email spams started being more frequent occurrences.

Internet browser took to protecting their users against such practices by introducing a series of pre-loading analyses that alert and warn against potentially harmful pages.

Google’s Chrome browser, for example, marks sites that host potentially unwanted or malicious software, or websites that might contain various types of scams.

The alerts raised by Google continue for as long as the browser considers them to be harmful. But modifications to the “Safe Browsing” policies have allowed site masters a reprieve.

After changing site rules so as to follow the aforementioned terms and policies, webmasters could request the lifting of the virtual alerts as the site now follows the rules.

In a quite unsurprising turn of events, some websites have abused the new Safe Browsing alert clemency and have transformed it into a virtual loophole.

As the site clean their content and follow the rules, they maintain the safety standards long enough so that Google will once again grant them the green light.

The objective thus attained, the pages return to their illicit practices as they once again carry malware or start pushing and spamming or phishing with emails.

In order to close the seemingly endless cycle, Google has added a new option to Chrome that should help close the loophole created by the former practices.

The solution will come in the form of the Repeat Offender option which was announced on November 8 and will be added to the website violations contained by its Safe Browsing.

The Repeat Offenders tag should help stop the ever continuing dance of the policy compliant-violating websites as they swap between the two states in the quest for successful reviews.

After being marked as a repeater, the respective page’s webmaster will not be allowed to ask for a re-check until a number of 30 days have since the tag was added.

As such, the Chrome alerts and warnings will appear in the search results for a continuous number of 30 days after being marked as a Repeat Offender.

The additional tag and its extended alarm system hopes to stop the repeated clean-harmful actions from constantly switching and also decrease the number of policy-violating web page users and accesses.

Google also clarified that the new option websites that have been the target of cyber attacks and have suffered from hacker attacks. The Repeat Offenders will only target the web pages which denote an intention in spreading harmful content and malware.

Image Source: Wikimedia