Google Reinvents Routers with New OnHub Shells

"OnHub router shells"

Who says routers have to be boring?

Trying to give users a response, Google reinvents routers with new OnHub shells. In addition, the tech giant is asking customers to take part in their online brainstorming and suggest new design ideas for their routers.

Google seems to be the only company to understand that Internet accessories and devices need not be ugly. That is all the more important since they can improve or ruin the entire aspect of our homes. For this reason, Google is now reinventing its routers to make them more attractive and stylish.

Routers have to be placed in an elevated and central positions in the house and yet, very few people actually do this because they are ashamed of their routers or they think these don’t match their home décor. Google has, therefore, prepared a collection of amusing and stylish router designs, which they have posted on their Pinterest account.

Users can either choose one of those and pay a price between $29 and $39 or they can design their own OnHub router forms and print them with the help of a 3D printer. The blank template, as well as the creative models that have been displayed on Pinterest may be found on the “OnHub Makers” website.

So far, designers have provided some of the most original models. They range from colorful lamps to flower vases and knitted routers. Google invites all users to share their models on the “OnHub Makers” website as these could serve as an inspiration for other online customers.

The current contest that Google is supporting does not just redesign the old router models, but they also strengthen communication between the tech giant and its customers. The software developer could use this method on many other occasions if the new router designs are really successful.

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