Google Play Lowering Its Minimum App Price

google-playGoogle has lowered the minimum application prices on its Google Play for several emerging countries in order to better suit local marketplaces and circumstances. The search engine has currently 1.5 billion users for its Android operating system, many of them living in growing economies in European countries, South America or Asia, with lower regular earnings and with less money to spend for applications and games.

The situation made Google Play to arrive in second place regarding income compared to the App Store from Apple, despite being a lot less iPhone users. With a strategy that may not increase income but could bring more customers who want to pay for Android applications, the company has reduced price limitations for Google Play in growing marketplaces.

Google has cut in half the lowest price that app designers in various countries, the majority in the regions mentioned above, can ask for their applications, in-app items and games. This new low cost for applications in online stores in many marketplaces matches is around $0.25 or approximately one fourth of the lowest price in Western Europe and the United States.

The search engine stated that the modified cost range for applications followed a marketing plan created a few months ago for India, where it applied the 10 Rupee or 15 cents lowest cost to motivate customers to buy applications marketed by local designers.

It is now the move of the app designers if they prefer to reduce the prices of their applications to this new limit, but they now get more versatility in using affordable costs to obtain the best balance between income, accessibility and other objectives. The recent measures come on a very competitive market when all big players, namely Apple, Google and Microsoft, try to attract as much as they can a large numbers of users by offering different incentives, especially in the last couple of years, when app variety has exploded on the Internet.

Available in around 190 nations, Google Play represents an international system for designers to build top quality applications and successful companies. But every region has its unique difficulties and possibilities, according to the organization on the Android designer website, making it harder to adjust these regulations to various countries and legal limitations when it comes to competition.

Buying habits, in particular, differ considerably between marketplaces. So to offer designers more versatility, Google tried to evolve its Google Play cost facilities to better match local customers and make the content found on it more available to a larger segment of users.

Image source: Factmag