Google May Eliminate the Need for a Security Password

google log into accountGoogle may eliminate the need for a security password, since the company is on a mission to bring less and better security measures and continues to move forward in this direction. The search engine is analyzing a way for customers where they can log into a Google account by using just their smart phones and without writing long and complicated series of characters that sometimes can be forgotten.

Once a person confirms that it wants to use just a mobile gadget, they will be allowed to send all account details from any device and get a notification directly on the phone. The system must have screen lock protection, since unlocking the mobile gadget is a requirement to accept or deny access to an account using this approach.

Clients still have the possibility to log into the profile with a normal security password if they want to. The Gmail service for current customers describes how they can disable a lost phone or how to add another one in case they upgrade the device

Beyond eliminating some concerns over regularly used security passwords, the search engine states that its new function is another protection mechanism against online hackers. These depend many times on the users’ passwords to perform phishing attacks.

Such a phishing technique gets customers to send private information by changing genuine sign in web pages with fake versions that are developed to intake and save all important data. These tests connect a series of other projects started by Google and that are targeted at enhancing online security.

The company has probably the most effective two-factor verification system of any similar platform. A huge number of account holders can now sign into their online profiles by inserting a unique code delivered to them through encrypted text messages.

The search engine also has the Authenticator application that generates such codes on a mobile phone along with third-party systems on computers. These safety measures are developed to verify the owners’ identity when they are logging into the accounts.

Earlier this year, Google released the Chrome extension for its Password Alert, which was created to inform customers when they insert their own password into non-Google websites.

Image source: Wpengine