Google Maps Beta Gives Parking Information

Google Maps Parking Information

The parking information is shown when you add the destination to Google Maps.

Google Maps has made some interesting updates in last months. Google Maps provides information about the best route, the hour where it is too full in a pub or restaurant, what is the closest restaurant where you can eat if you are in a hurry.

Now Google Maps Beta gives you parking information too. Now it is only available for some users but it will probably be available for all users. This new feature is designed for the beta version of Google Maps. It is not clear to which users have access to parking information via Google Maps.

The parking information is shown when you add the destination to Google Maps. Once you added the destination you will see a blue ‘P’ icon that shows you where you can park your car close to the destination.

Google Maps Beta also shows if there are any spots available. It also shows you how easy it is to park in that place. On your screen, you will see if the parking is limited, medium, or easy. If the parking availability is limited the blue “P” icon turn red in order to let you know that it is better to park somewhere else.

The only problem about the parking information is that it is not real-time info. The information is based on how parking is typically there. This information is only available for Google Maps Beta and this means that you won’t be able to see this info if you don’t have the Beta version.

Despite the fact that most of the updates that Google has made recently for Google Maps are only for the Beta version, they will probably available for the “normal” version. These features are great and can help people who usually have a hard time finding a parking space or a certain destination.

While you are waiting for these updates to become available for the non-beta version of Google Maps you might want to download the Beta version in order to see if the parking information is available for you too.

What is your opinion about this new update? Do you believe that this information is useful?

Image source: Flickr